Wallago Attu is one of the most predatory monster catfish belongs to the family of Siluridae, native to south and southeast of Asia.  Fishing for Wallago Attu is famous in Kerala. continue reading
What are Ghost nets? Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been thrown or lost by fishermen. These fishing nets, nearly invisible in the low light, can be left tangled on weeds continue reading
Snakeheads are one of the most predatory fishes on the freshwater. They strike on almost everything hit the water, which will fit in their giant mouth, sometimes bigger than that continue reading
I love fishing from my childhood, and I remember the days I went fishing with my brothers and friends. We used traditional method to catch fishes, which is simple hand line or continue reading
Mangrove Jack is one of the most aggressive fish in the big water. They can move in the speed of a lightening, which makes them a nightmare to the other continue reading