A fish that hooked my life back

I was just 12 when I just got affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

Yes, you're right the worst thing that you could expect at that age, it just wreaked me out I was not even able to walk properly at that time. I was so depressed at that time because I couldn't take a step properly without support, it could be noted as the black marks of my life

My parents didn't know what to do at that time. My mom was the only person who was that much heartbroken at that time. I just watched her crying each and every day which was more painful than my illness. But my dad stood as hard as a rock. He kept encouraging me to not go down and he brought everything that I wanted

One day when I was watching 'River Monsters ' on TV I really came to know that fishing was interesting stuff. But I didn't even know how to catch one rather than on TV. I just made my dad know that I want to catch a fish on my own. He just went outside and brought some line and a few hooks. He just even made a rod but cutting down some branches, I didn't even know what it was meant for .

And at last, he dug some dirt and grabbed some worms.

We made it to the spot and surprisingly it was so beautiful, a flowing stream in between the paddy fields with a small fall at the end .

He just took me to a nearby bridge and started to take the worms out and rig it on the hook. And he cast it into the flowing water. I didn't mention but my mom was also with us. My dad kept catching, so I also wanted to hook my own fish I took the road out and tried to rig the hook, but half of the bait was lying outside the hook. Then my dad came up and just thought me how to do it perfectly .

I was just waiting for the moment, and I remember my dad saying that you should pull the rod when the float goes down.....  I was waiting.

....  'There the float sinks and I pulled it with my maximum strength.... 'Yes ' Said my dad then I looked up and it was literally my first fish. That joy I had couldn't be expressed through words, everyone was enjoying, at least for that day, I saw my mom smiling. Which was more joyful for me.

It was not only my first fish but also an experience which I had never experienced in my life. ♦♦♦

-- Amjad Roshan

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