My Fishing Experiences

My name is Roshan Renji Cherian and I'm staying at chengannur thaluk of alappuzha district. Im a new subscriber of fishingfreaks, but i used to watch your videos regularly.

I'm not that much into fishing but I enjoy going fishing with my friends and it's a chance to spend the evening enjoying.

What I'm going to say here is not just one experience, but two experiences that I had with my fishing partner. Most of the time I used to go fishing with a friend of mine. He lives close to me. He is a bit older than me, but he is into fishing seriously.

So me, being the only one interested in fishing in our group, used to go with him. One time, he bought a new fishing rod worth Rs 1500. So, he invited me for fishing with him. I didn't have a proper fishing rod, so I made a rod for myself with a bamboo stick and some nylon thread. He also brought with him an octopus hook, the one which we set the feed in the middle and a lot of hooks surrounding the feed. He said it increases the chance of hooking a fish.

So we decided to try it out in an abandoned rock quarry near our house. We went to the rock quarry but the only fish we saw there were small paral (Snakehead) and pallathi hanging out in the shallows. Me being the one with the smaller rod and hook decided to try my luck with the smaller fish while my friend started casting for the unknown bigger fish that lurks in the deep. He set his hook and casted to the middle of the deep pool of water and waited.

The smaller fish were not giving me a good time as they were escaping with the feed that is supposed to trap them in my hook. Again and again i set the feed on the hook and the same thing happened. I thought i should've brought worms too. My friend who sat next to me, lost his patience and decided to retrieve the hook. So he started reeling it back.

After the first casting ended in an utter failure, said there are no bid fishes down there. But i motivated him and told him to cast again and wait. He agreed and started settling the feed. After that, he was about to cast. But this time, when he threw the hook in as he casted, the hook accidentally hooked on the top detachable part of the rod and the top part of the rod also went along with the hook into the deep pool. But bride line was still connected. So my friend, letting out a sigh of relief, started reeling in the line. But half way through the hook or the top part of the rod became stuck on some underwater obstacle that we couldn't see.

Panic started to kick in. It was a new rod that he bought and losing the top part of it meant the rest of the rod was completely useless. He tried hard to pull it out, but it was all in vain. So, with a broken heart, he decided to cut the line loose. But he wasn't ready to go back home with a broken rod.

The next moment he calls to a tackle shop in Aaranmula and him also being very tight in the terms of money bought a new rod, that evening itself. I also went with him. On the way back he said ” the day was a  disaster ". I found the fact amusing that the man lost his rod and even being very tight with his money he bought a new one instantly. So the first experience ends there.

The next one was with the same person at the same place that he lost his new hook and half his rod. This time we went to try our luck again. But this time he set up a popup for carp fishing and casted. And again, as he was reeling the line back, the hook became stuck and he had to cut the line loose. So, the second time we went there also ended as my friend lost his hook. But the good news was that i caught some small fish with my small, handmade rod. This time he said to me that the place was cursed. I let out a slight giggle as he looked at me. I feared that he may start to think that it was because of my presence he is losing stuff. That same day we also went fishing in the pamba river side in aaranmula. I sat there a watched as he lure casted, one lure after another without any results. We got a rudrakshamala, which got stuk on the hook of the spoon lure. I'll include that photo also.

The third time, we went fishing in the opposite side of from where we got the rudrakshamala. It was a morning and we were under a bridge in Aaranmula. This time also me and my friend were fishing and he was trying the popup carp fishing method. When that was not successful he brought the new octopus hook that he just bought after losing the first one. He tried that. But as the cruel fate had it, the hook again got stuck and he had to cut the line loose.

Three times, four losses, and each and every one of them happened while I was with him. My fear increased as he may start to think that it was not the place, but me who is cursed.

I wrote these experiences as i found them amusing and was fishing related. I have no experience catching huge fishes and reeling them in, like most of the others may have. I like fishing, but I have little experience in the field. I hope you enjoy reading.  Thank you.

-- By Roshan Renji Cherian 

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