My unforgettable fishing moment

When I was 16 years old fishing was crazy for me and my other 3 pals. So one Saturday we decided to go for prawns hunting. One of ours fav hobbies.
We used to sell the fish that we catch so that we can buy cricket bat and etc.

We started at 9.30 in the morning and reach the destination. We used iron spear to hunt. As usual we got what we needed, around 3 kg of prawns.
We haven't had any Carrie bags. So my friends jishnu went to get the Carrie bag. He came back after sometime with the carrie bag and bottle of alcohol. He said it was hidden inside a lawn.
So you know we were kids, watching Mohanlal’s Narasimham movie and all... We wanted to try it..
We mixed it with river water and drunk. We felt dizzy after sometime. Then because of the effect of alcohol we climbed up a coconut tree, pluck couple of tender coconuts.
Suddenly the owner of the field saw us. He was soo angry and shouting at us. We were also shouting at him because of the alcohol effect. Then one of my friend puke one of the man's body.
By that time he called police officers. When the police arrived also we were not aware of the situation, we were looking each other and laughing.
The sub inspector came and asked us some questions, and he understood we are high, He understood we are kids.
So he told us “we will let you go but don’t repeat this ever again, or else I will take serious action against you”.
As a return gift he took the prawns.
We went back to home as everything normal. But my mom understood I was drunk. She asked me how was the drink. I pretend I didn’t had any drink. Then she was angry and slapped me with anger, I was on the floor next moment.

-- Jay Jinx

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