The importance of protecting our rivers and water bodies

Water is the source of life of every living being in this world, without water there will be no life on Earth.

From the ancient times every civilization began in the banks of river.

The river Ganga has a major role in forming India, if the river Ganga never existed India would also not be existed. In Indian cultures we worship river Ganga as goddess Ganga, there are many major rivers in India and the longest.

As we know the life of our rivers are in crisis and many of us are not bothered about it.

In this busy and growing world, highly populated and greed destroyed our natural resources and there will not enough green for everyone in the future.

In many countries, industry and factory dump their water waste in the rivers, this dumping is continuously running by decades, This is the main reason for water pollution, nowadays increasing factories, buildings are all dump their waste in to the rivers, this affect the marine life and decrease it's population and the fresh water availability will also decrease, this will lead to a big water crisis in the future as we love fishing there will be no fish to catch if the polluting is not stopped.

Forest is the base of rivers both are connected naturally, the forest play its role in purifying the river, the trees slow down rain water runoff, reducing flood , pollution keeping our rivers cool helping fish and other water it is necessary to protect our forest and stop deforestation we should plant trees near the river banks and encourage our community to plant trees and stop polluting our water resources.

There are many countries including India who are facing water scarcity and the amount of fresh water availability is too low, most of the countries depends on sea water desalination and in many countries the water is unsafe to drink because it might cause some serious health problems.

In the summer times we face the most water crisis till rain fall, in this time we depend on rivers or other water bodies or bore well, but the limited rain fall and deforestation drain the rivers and other water bodies and lack of trees and increased buildings will limit the amount of fresh water from the bore well, so in the upcoming years the water scarcity will be higher than we expect and the rain will also change its course because each year certain amount of river water should reach the ocean, then only only the circulation of rainfall will happen but many rivers doesn't meet the ocean at the end of its course, this affect the rainfall and the fisheries, many fish species migrate through the river to the ocean, if the river doesn't reach the ocean it might extinct some of the fish species.

Earth has an abundance of water but only 0.3 percent is usable for humans, the other 99.7 percent is salt water, solid ice caps and floating in the atmosphere.

So it is soo crucial to save our rivers and fresh water bodies and stop deforestation and plant many trees for us and for our future generations.

-- By Akhil KV


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