Finding the lost saint

On 2019 October 29th, the second day of our road trip to Goa from Aurangabad(Mumbai) on the 150cc Bajaj Pulsar. My brother Don and I stopped near a small waterfall near a temple. Even though the fall was small, the quality of the water and the beauty of the landscape took hold of our attention. We parked our bike near the Banyan tree and hurried to see the place. Since we grow up in Kerala and have affection towards water bodies, we wanted to feel it than just looking at it flowing.

We switched to swimming outfits and dived into the water and realised how clear the water is. We could also see many tiny ornamental type fishes, also enjoyed the free natural pedicure. I always carry a diving glass with me, since I am curious to discover the bottom of the rivers and streams to uncover what hides under the water.

Surprisingly, most of the times I found wonderful worlds which are always been hidden from us. I have seen many species of fishes and water creatures underneath the streams, sticking to the rocks and sands. I can’t ignore the fact that the plastic covers and bottle, which we throw destroy the beauty and affect the natural habitat of many creatures.

That day while diving with my glass I found many jewellery items which I think deposited to the river as a part of the local custom. Suddenly, something caught my attention, something white and glowing which is buried under the sand. Since I was running out of breath I swam up and took enough breath and went back. I took it out from the mud and realised its an impressive sculptor.

I couldn’t recognise who’s sculpture was it, but I knew an artist will not make a sculpture of a random man. Then I came to realise that is Shirdi Sai Baba, who was an Indian spiritual master who is considered by his followers as a saint and a fakir. I did not want to leave it there, so I kept it in my bag and continued my journey. Now I keep it in my aquarium as a remembrance of how and where I found it.


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