Ghost nets kill millions of creatures every year.

What are Ghost nets?

Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been thrown or lost by fishermen. These fishing nets, nearly invisible in the low light, can be left tangled on weeds or drifting in the open water.

Kerala also is known as ”God’s own country” which is blessed with 44 rivers.  

41 of the rivers flow westward and the other three rivers flow east.

There are a lot of people find their income from fishing, whereas for some people it is just a hobby. Fishing using the net is the most common and easy way to catch the fish. People spread the net across the rivers during the evening, and they get enough fish to sell in the morning.

Sadly, Fishermen sometimes throw worn-out nets, since it is clearly the easiest way to get rid of them. They do not realise the fact that those nets will never decompose. These nets will be there under the water for years, the flood will relocate them but never decompose. 

The danger behind this practice is enormous. Millions of water creatures die every year due to these fishing nets they can entangle fish, crabs, lobsters, and other creatures, sometimes including the human diver. I have personally encountered many situations. For example, while camping in Revnanda beach in Mumbai we saw a few mud crabs got stuck in the nets. The people should be informed and taught about the dangers hide behind their irresponsible activity. Also, people should be informed about the biodegradable fishing nets available on the market.

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