Mangrove Jack - The furious predator

Mangrove Jack is one of the most aggressive fish in the big water. They can move in the speed of a lightening, which makes them a nightmare to the other fishes in the water. Mangrove Jack fishing may be a dream of every angler around the globe. Here is the story of how I caught my very first MJ (mangrove jack).

October 24th 2019 is one of the best days of my life. I went to Mumbai to begin my road trip to goa. Before the trip, I met my brother and cousins and had a wonderful time with them. Surprisingly, my uncle came up with a plan to visit Alibag, which is one of the clean beaches in Maharashtra. As usual, we carried the vessels and spices along with us to prepare the fish curry right there.

The place is blessed with natural beauty, the beach was neat and clean. My cousins caught different species of fishes by afternoon with a line attached to traditional bamboo sticks. My aunt prepared a delicious fish curry for lunch.

While having lunch is when I noticed the activity of Mangrove Jacks on the surface of the water. I decided to use the Zman SWIMMIN' TROUT TRICK 3.5inch. Unbelievably, I hooked a monster Mangrove jack on my very first cast. The fish was huge, I could not control it since the rocks where slippery. One false step can result from injury to the brain. After a hell of the fight, the fish got a new life to live.

I did not give up by that incident,  I changed to Zman SCENTED SHRIMPZ  4inch, as MJ's diet mostly consist of shrimps the probability to hook one may be high. My prediction was correct I hooked another Mangrove jack right 5 minutes after I lost one. This time I had a place to stand confidently and I landed the beautiful fish. I could see the happiness of my sisters and aunts face which is captured by my GoPro.


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