Center for banning fishing in SEZs

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The Central Government Ordinance has imposed a two-stage Complete Mechanized Fishing Prohibition ban in the Special Economic Zone, which is under the jurisdiction of the Center at Kollam. The Ministry of Fisheries sent it to all coastal states. In the Eastern region from Kanyakumari to West Bengal, from April 15 to June 14, and from Kanyakumari to Gujarat, including Kerala and Lakshadweep, from June 1 to 31, 61 days are banned.

Beyond 12 nautical miles, the state government has banned trolling from the coast of Kerala and from June to July. Trolling was banned for 52 days from June 10 to July 31 last year. The deadline for this year has not been decided. There have been demands from some centers for a ban on fishing in the East and West seas. It also called for a two-stage ban on June, October and November. 

However, the traditional fishermen’s union had demanded a 90-day ban on the central committee. The ordinance also provides that unmanned aircraft can be allowed to fish beyond 12 nautical miles. 

“The government has not decided to implement a trolling ban in Kerala this year. The current focus is on the Covid-19 defense. It will be discussed later. 


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