Fisherman from Kollam who fell from boat accidentally survives after swimming for 17 hours

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Alappad (Kollam): In a bizarre incident, a fisherman swam for over 17 hours after he fell overboard from the boat. Samuel, 37, swam to life from the deep sea, battling the heavy
Samuel along with 10 other fishermen left for fishing activities from Neendakara on boat Deepthi on Friday night at about 12 O’ clock. On Saturday by 4.30 am, towards the western
side of Kayamkulam harbour, he accidentally slipped off from the boat. As the boat was
moving, his friends did not notice his fall. Samuel tried to grab the attention of other
fishermen in other boats and tried to remain afloat in the same spot.
By day, he swam to safety. From 16 nautical miles, Samuel swam little by little and covered a distance of 8 nautical miles. Even when it was dusk, he did not lose his determination. By Saturday night 10, fishermen from other boat saw him battling for life. Samuel caught the rope that they threw at him and got into the rescue boat Yesu Aryadyan. By night 1 o’clock, the boat reached Neendakara.
Samuel was rushed to the district hospital for first aid. Samuel lives with his wife Reeja and children Akhil, Avanthika at Aatuparambil Snehatheeram Tsunami Colony. The family of Samuel were worried on Saturday with no news about him.


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