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Importance of extracurricular activities in children’s mental and physical development

Once technology was controlled by the marvelous creature of God, humans. But that era has been eradicated, now technology has started controlling human being. Being born in 21st century in a town like Ranchi, I haven’t enjoyed the beauty of nature playing outside till I was 15 years old.

Finally, we came back to pallakad, and guess what it was a complete change for my both mental and physical life. The hustle and bustle of town has made me so distressed since there were very less friends actually no one who came out of their buildings to play physically.

All are involved in the new generation games like PubG, freefire and spoiling their valuable period of time which the nature has given them to step out of their home and see how beautiful the nature is. I like to swim, play cricket, guitar, badminton but yeah off course almost all of them require couple of people to be played. Although I didn’t like and knew about fishing until my past two years since there were no rivers or water bodies where I lived.

After watching almost all your videos, I ordered a fishing rod from Alibaba but it broke within 2-3 days. I couldn’t catch a fish yet. Children should be consulted and made understood about the importance of curricular activities. Not only physically but mentally also we are damaging our brain cells sitting home and using 10-12 hour smartphones. New and interesting activities should be introduced and practiced by parents so that the child must understand and feel interest in that.

“Play is the way children kids try the world on for size and imagine their place in it “

Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, values, personality progress in students. It includes outdoor sports, Library activities, science lab activities, creative arts and meditation, fishing, camping etc. So we should develop anything in which we can achieve and do it rather than wasting our time on internet.

Ashir Hussain

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