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Importance of Extracurricular activities in children’s mental and physical development.

Let me begin with the word Curriculum before adding ‘extra’ to it. It began as a Latin word, which means ‘a race’. It’s clear from the meaning what our children are going through in this 21st century. A race, to-be the First. It’s a much wider debatable topic; so let us talk about adding the ‘extra’ to it.

When it comes to education, even if we consider it as a race, our children should not be guided to be the First, the race should be for the best, and to be the best they have to slow down at places, admire the beauty of what they pass by, help the one that cannot pick up the pace and learn to run along without falling apart. As a whole, it should be a journey to bring out brighter and responsible human beings.

Our curriculum is narrowed down to just passing out examinations with high grades. It is not a crime, but in that process our children should not come out as robots. They need to be trained to attain a balanced mental, physical and intellectual health. This training should begin from home. As parents are their first teachers, give them opportunity to refresh their minds with music, sports, leisure and other entertainments. Let them be more aware of what is happening in and around them.

Nowadays a good number of teenagers are mentally depressed; this is an outcome of lack of extracurricular activities and social interaction. Unfortunately, a student’s whole world is confined to the books they learn and nothing else. This is a big mistake. A teenager if fallen into a state of depression cannot be held guilty without blaming their parents and teachers. They are the ones responsible to widen their thoughts mentally and physically. We all know that health is wealth, but how many of our children are properly guided to a sport? How many of us give equal importance to the ‘extras’ in our children’s life? We need to understand how it helps in molding our children.

Every sport has got discipline and teaches the importance of maintaining a good health. This can even resist our children from falling prey to many bad habits that may come along. And any art forms can develop compassion and enhance the beauty of life and teaches to admire the intangible elements of the universe. These ‘extras’ can be considered as the practical side of what they learn from books or even more.

There is a fine line between getting educated and being Literate. We all want our children to be good healthy social beings and not just robots. As the statement goes, ‘today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen’ we should not just feed them with a constructed curriculum rather guide them with light throughout the journey to not only pass the academic examinations, but also to fly out with healthy wings and serve the nation.

Shahan Sha

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