Kerala cop rides 65km to deliver medicines for cancer patient

Kerala cop rides 65km to deliver medicines for cancer patient

Muvattupuzha: A Kerala cop travelled 65km on his bike to deliver medicines for a cancer patient.

Binu Bhaskar travelled from Kottayam district to Kadumpidi near Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district. Moved by the cop’s heartening gesture, the cancer patient hugged him in gratitude.

The plight of the patient, struggling to procure the medicines, was put up in the WhatsApp group of government employees in Kottayam district. The message was posted in this group as the medicine was only available in shops near the Kottayam Medical College Hospital.

The COVID-19 lockdown regulation proved to be another roadblock for the underprivileged family, who was already struggling to meet the treatment expenses. Forty-two medicines cost up to Rs 1,500.

The police then swung into action. The message was posted on the WhatsApp group by a government ofcial from Muvattupuzha around 10pm. Within minutes, police ofcer Resin Ajayan called up the patient and sought more details. He assured the patient that he would get the get the medicine from the Kottayam Medical College Hospital in the night after his duty hours.

Kottayam SP G Jayadev also promised to deliver the medicines for 20 days. The SP entrusted the task to Binu Bhaskar of the Kottayam police station. Soon, Binu procured the medicines and went to the patient’s home on his bike. Cop K K Biju of the Pothanikkad station was also present at the home.


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