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These are my favorite fishing gears and my feedback on each products.
This page will be updated on a regular basis with latest content. 
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Z man scented Shirmp

Z man is an American brand which is well known around the world due its the 10x quality of the material they use. |Personal opinion: One of the best shrimps I have ever used.


Z man flip frog

Z man flip frog One of the best flip frogs ever made by Z man. I have tested this lure and experienced 100% result and durability. | Personal opinion : Work really well for snakeheads. The weight of the lure is less so one may not be able to long cast it, but using a soft braid can solve the issue.

Fishing_Freaks_Zman DIEZEL MINNOWZ

Zman DIEZEL MINNOWZ™ 4inch / 10cm

Zman DIEZEL MINNOWZ™ 4inch / 10cm | Pack of 5pcs 10X Tough*Zman DIEZEL MINNOWZ is popular among anglers around the world to catch Mangrove Jack, Grouper and etc

Fishing_Freaks_Zman SWIMMIN' TROUT TRICK

Trout Trick

Trout trick usually comes with a different coloured soft tail, which resembles small tiny fishes. It work really good for Mangrove jack.

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  1. I am a beginner in fishing. Please let me know which is best rod, reel, lure, hooks? I want to buy necessary items for myself.

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