My Gears

These are my favorite fishing gears and my feedback on each products.
This page will be updated on a regular basis with latest content. 
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Shakespeare ugly stick big water

Shakespeare ugly stick big water is one of the strongest fishing rods ever made by Shakespeare brand with legendary Fuji guid. | Personal opinion: The best fishing rod for carp fishing. Not good for lure casting.

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Penn squadron

Penn squadron is one of the famous rods for lure casting (spinning rod).The rod is stiff and of highly quality. | Personal opinion: The best rod I have ever used to catch snakeheads

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Penn detonator

Penn detonator 8 foot rod is good for inshore fishing, especially for lure casting. | Personal opinion : Highly satisfied

My Gear

Shimano cruzar

Shimano Cruzar is one of the basic spinning rod, which can be suggested for beginners before buying an expensive rod. personal rating 10/10

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Shimano sedona C5000XG

Shimano Sedona C5000XG is a saltwater fishing reel, which is famous among anglers due to its durability and reasonable price. | Personal opinion: Quality reel under within this price range. | Personal opinion: Quality reel under within this price range.


Shimano AX 4000FB

Shimano AX 4000FB is one of the best spinning reels in its category, and a best reel for beginners to start with. | personal rating 10/10


Shimano FX 4000 FC

Shimano FX 4000FC is an updated version of the old FX 4000 . This is now one of the smoothest reels available in this price category , which can be used for lure casting and bait fishing. | personal rating 9/10

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Lucana fish gripper

Lucana fish gripper is one of the best fish grippers in that price range. | Personal rating: 9/10