One lakh kg of fish was caught in 8 days

One lakh kg of fish was caught in 8 days

Thiruvananthapuram: mixed Department of Fish and sale of food, evolved as part of Operation Sagar 1,00,508 kg of waste in the 8-day tests of
fish caught and destroyed, said Health Minister K. K escorted by IWF. A total of 117 centers were inspected on Easter Day. 4 persons were given

Under the Food Safety and Quality Act, importing, storing and selling inappropriate fish in the state is illegal. Chemicals should not be used to keep
fish intact. Assi in the respective districts to take strict action against such persons. Food Safety Commissioners have been appointed. These fish are
seriously affecting their health during this period of lockdown which is very difficult for the people. That is why Operation Sagar Rani has been reenergized.
Operation Sagar Rani commenced on April 4, with 2866kg of fish on April 6, 15641kg on April 6th, 17018kg on April 8th, 7558kg on April 8th,
7755kg on April 9th, 11756kg on April 10th and 35,7856kg on April 12th. With this, 1,00,508 kilograms of fish were seized by Operation Sagar
Rani this season.

Thiruvananthapuram 13, Kollam 12, Pathanamthitta 4, Alappuzha 12, Kottayam 3, Ernakulam 12, Thrissur 10, Malappuram 14, Kozhikode 8,
Wayanad 2 and Kannur 14.

In Kollam Aryankavu check post, 2043 kilograms of corrupted fish such as Chura and Kerala were recovered, while Ernakulam and 67 kg were
recovered from Malappuram.


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