Fishing Freaks is the most popular fishing channel in India with over 3 million subscribers.

As the very name suggests, the idea of launching Fishing Freaks was sort of an accident. I have given my entire energy to build it up.

And thanks to you all, my wonderful partners at large, it has been a highly rewarding engagement so far. Thank you all.

To put it pithily, fishing has been my passion and the one of the most favorite hobbies since childhood. As I grew up, this passion also grew up with me, and now I would say I just love fishing!

As I have already said, the launch of Fishing Freaks was an accident, however as the channel grew, my ideas and the purpose behind it also grew and now I would love to share a couple of ideas with you, especially those into angling.

The core theme of my channel remains the family—the critical importance of the family and the relatives in our lives. After all, how can an activity like fishing be enjoyed without the family?

Secondly, the importance of keeping our fragile water-bodies clean and safe for all living bodies in there. Thirdly, to advice the tens of hundreds of young anglers on how to use quality equipment and lures. And finally, to motivate everyone to enjoy their lives in a more meaningful and harmless way.