Snakehead Fishing

Snakeheads are one of the most predatory fishes on the freshwater. They strike on almost everything hit the water, which will fit in their giant mouth, sometimes bigger than that also.

There are basically three different species of snakeheads found in India. Among them Malabar snakehead (Channa diplogramma) is the most aggressive and furious hunter in the freshwater. They live in territories and ready to fight any freshwater fish enter into their territory. Since they are air breathing fish they can survive on the land more than any other fishes. They come up to the water surface on a regular interwell of time to breath air. If they don’t, they will die.

Every angler has the dream to catch a snakehead, so do I. I was searching for the best lure to catch a snakehead on freshwater. Surprisingly, I came across a lure called flip frog made by the world-famous brand Z man.

It was perfect morning the temperature was not high, the sky was clear and no sign of rain. I went to a perfect spot where I could see the fishes come up to the surface to breath air. It was a challenging task to land a snakehead from that place because I could see weeds and branches of trees under the water.

Snakehead always fights really well and if they get stuck into any of the branches, without any doubt I will lose the fish. I tightened the drag because their head is really strong, so for the hook to penetrate the hard bones of the fish, we should have the drag tightened up.

I waited and fought the very first activity for the fish. Once we see them, we need to cast the lure a little ahead of the point where we spotted them and retrieve the lure as fast as we can. Those fishes may not be hungry but a leash ready to take down the arrogant intruders.

I got the very first strike and which was one of the best blow ups I ever got; remember one thing never slow down the lure if the fish miss a strike. If you think they will strike off you slow down, you are mistaken. They let the silent trespassers but not the ones disturbed their territory.

The lure I used is around 6 gm and the soft flexible legs create really good vibration above the water, which is exactly like a frog.

After a couple of strikes, I managed to land a beautiful snakehead which is around 21 inches long and weighs up to 2.3 pounds. Never ever put your finger inside their mouth, because their razor-sharp teethes may damage your fingers very badly. The long missile like structure, wide fins and the big mouth with hundreds of sharp teeth make the absolute predator and a nightmare to all the other fishes in freshwater.

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