Spending time during a lock down

For a generation that is constantly found complaining of a lack of freedom with respect to managing time, the lockdown has posed as a whole new problem. It’s almost like a genie granted your ultimate wish to stay home with no consequences and judgement but obviously terms and conditions applied.

For extroverts and wanderlusts, this kind of a lockdown is way more cumbersome than on an average introvert, who would typically be in seventh heaven right now. But what about most of us, ambiverts like you and me who want a balance of time off and with people?

Well here’s some experiments that I’m cooking. Hope you comrades can develop on them:-
1. Stay away from the news. Ration the news and WhatsApp time even for your parents/kin. Now’s the best time to make them watch all the amazing shows and movies you love. I got my mom off of the prime time news and got her hooked to Stand ups and Netflix/prime shows. Something like pushpavalli that’s completely relatable to South Indians. They are most gullible now and it’s the best time to help them explore the whole world beyond Big Boss. This will help them connect better with you on your generational/comedic level. While having said that, please don’t be ignorant, educate people about protective measures and do keep track of things happening around.

2. Cook. Cook. Cook. Try pickling or making desi fryums or other traditional Indian foods. Call your Grandma up for those secret recipes of hers. Now would be the perfect opportunity to shy away from the “instants” and move onto completely homemade foods. If you’re going to go back to your hostel after the lock down, you have all the time to make healthy snacks for yourself. (Imagine the cost cut on munchings) If it’s a really Herculean task, maybe at least hang around kitchen-chat with your mom. Best time to juice the sweetest gossip.

3. Indulge in creative activities that your accustomed to. There is no need to force yourself just because you see someone glass painting or sketching or jamming. It’s an opportunity to take break from the hustle. Don’t give in to it. But if you did ever want to try, it’s an amazing opportunity. Start small and share your progress on Instagram or WhatsApp. People will give you loads of positive reinforcement.

4. Call your homies. Tell them how much you miss them. Give them dates or tasks, play games online, work on scripts or dance choreographies. Make sure you stay connected and spread love in these distressing times. Maybe you can catch up on old friends and relatives too. Call them any time of the day. Nobody is busy. Everyone is home and everyone is bored. People will talk. (Side not: please don’t call your ex.)

5. Sleep a lot. Switch off all the alarms, shut all curtains, curl up into your quilt and sleep like a baby. Everyday hit new records. Your parents will stop caring after day 3 (personal experience).

6. Fire up debates at home. They can’t get away with those sexist or cattiest remarks now. There’s no work hassle, there’s no ‘place they have to be’. If you found something annoying or regressive in your family, try to educate them. Also be open to change and honest opinions.

7. Binge all those movies you wanted to watch as a kid. Rewatch classics, get mesmerised by Mohanlal’s performance in Kireedam all over again. Watch those horror movies that made you scream out loud as a kid and wonder why? Break language barriers and watch cinema from around the globe, feel connected. Don’t watch them alone, make it a family thing, cry and laugh together, cherish that bond you lost growing up and moving out of the house.

8.Dig out those family albums. It’s a walk down the memory lane, most of which you wouldn’t even remember. Let your Mom or Grandma pull your leg and publicise those embarrassing stories, laugh at yourself. Send embarrassing photos of your cousins on WhatsApp groups, have some fun.

Exercise, stay hydrated and stay entertained. Most importantly, stay home and stay safe.

Ashwin Thaliyil

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