This combo pack will be suitable for a beginner who wants to learn angling. This package include almost everything one requires to start angling with both in sea and fresh water. There are a lot of expensive as well as more quality products out there, but I personally suggest everyone to start with the basic rod and reel. As we become experts, we can upgrade the gears according to our need.


7 ft Spinning Rod with reel and pre-spooled mono line

1 Pkt 40LB Braid Line

100m | 0.32mm | 4.0#

3 pcs Wire Leader

2 pcs Noeby worm hook 2/0

2 pcs Weighted Worm hook 2/0

5 pcs Barrel Swivels
5 pcs Snaps Big
5 pcs Snaps Small

1 pcs Noeby Fight Frog Lure 5.5cm/14g (Colors as per availability)

Zman Lure

  • 1 pcs Zman Finesse Frog (Colors as per availability)
  • 1 pcs Zman Slim Swimz (Colors as per availability)
  • 1 pcs Zman MinnowZ (Colors as per availability)
  • 1 pcs Zman SWIMMIN’ TROUT TRICK (Colors as per availability)

Berkley Jig Head

  • 14 g – 3/0 – 1 pcs
  • 10 g – 2/0 – 1 pcs


  • 1o z – 4 pcs
  • 2o z – 1 pcs
  • 21 g- 3 pcs
  • 24 g -4 pcs
  • 25 g 4 pcs

Size 10 – 10pcs

  • Size 6- 10 pcs
  • Size 2-10 pcs
  • Size 1/0-10 pcs
  • Size 3/0-10 pcs

An all in one budget fishing kit for the young passionate anglers who wants to learn fishing. This kit contains fishing gears which can use both in freshwater and saltwater.

Pioneer VogX 8ft Rod 1pcs

1 pcsDaiwa Reel 4000

1 pcs40LB Braid Line 100mtr

2 pcs Wire Leader

2 pcs Noeby worm hook 2/0

2 pcs Zman Frog Lure  (Colors as per availability)

2 pcs Zman Soft Lure (Colors as per availability)

1 pcs Jig Head 

1 pcs Hard Lure

1 pcs Tackle Box

New Arrivals


Z man scented shirmp

Rs. 494.00 (4 inch | 5/pack)


Z man flip frog

Rs. 457.00 (4 inch | 3/pack)

Fishing_Freaks_Zman DIEZEL MINNOWZ

Rs. 457.00 (4 inch | 5/pack)

Fishing_Freaks_Zman SWIMMIN' TROUT TRICK

Zman Trout Trick

Rs. 567.00 (3.5 inch | 6/pack)


Zman SwimmerZ

Rs. 640.00 ( 4/pack )

DAIWA J-BRAID Grand X8 Dark Green 135M | 0.41mm | 65lb | 150yd


Rs. 1,100.00 (135 M | 65 lb)

Clothing Accessories


Men's Cotton T Shirt

fishing freaks_ T shirt_01

Men's Cotton T Shirt


Men's Cotton T Shirt

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