Stung by a Catfish

I love fishing from my childhood, and I remember the days I went fishing with my brothers and friends. We used traditional method to catch fishes, which is simple hand line or a line attached to bamboo stick.

I wanted to go back to my childhood and recreate it. So I chose this place called Nendoor near my home. As you can see, the place is well known for the paddy fields, which touch the horizon. A green carpet which covered the land. It was farming season so the plant was in its growing stage.

When I reached there, I could see different species of migratory birds such as parrots and cranes. I walked towards the motor room; the room is used to keep a giant motor for irrigation. There the water level was low and I could see the activity of many fishes on the surface of the water.

I used earthworms, which I carried along with me as a bait. The fishes were waiting for the bait, as it touch the water I could literally see them running away with my float.

I caught the very first fish which was a type of catfish with poisonous sting. I managed to unhook it without getting stung. Unfortunately, I got stung by one. The pain was unbearable. I could not feel my finger for a while. It turned into red and swollen up a little.

In my hometown elders say that urine is the best remedy for catfish stings. Even though I have tried it many times, I didn’t do that (we won’t be able to pee all the time right J).

I caught around 50-60 fishes from that small area before I stopped. I wanted to surprise my mother when I reach home, hence I kept the fish in the trunk. My mom came to see the fishes as usual and was really surprised to see them. The first thing she demanded was this” I also want to come to that place” my mom cleaned and fried the fish like a professional and we ate it together.

On the next day I went to the same place with my mom and dad, which is uploaded as another episode.

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