This pelican bird too under `lockdown’ in Kerala

This pelican bird too under `lockdown' in Kerala

The pelican who is staying back in Kerala due to an injury it suffered while catching its prey.

Kottayam: A pelican bird is also under ‘lockdown’ and isolated in Kottayam. All of its friends have returned from Kerala, yet he could not fly along with them due to his injured wings. This pelican has been living an isolated life for the past five months in Pallikkunnu region of Kottayam. These large water birds are considered to be on the verge of extinction.

Every year, pelicans visit Kerala in large groups from countries such as Sri Lanka and Cambodia. They visit Kerala in search of farm fields rich in fish. They stay in large trees close to these fields.

The pelican bird is staying back in Kerala due to an injury it suffered while catching prey. Although certain people tried to poach the isolated bird, Shaji and his wife Sreedevi, who lives in the neighboring area, offered protection to the bird. The pelican is now staying along with their ducks in the field.

Sreedevi says that the bird became half its size as the injury is causing problems to catch prey. Normal pelican birds usually weigh up to 7 kgs.  After the intervention of the locals, Wildlife Rescue Special Squad officers, lead by ACF Sanjayan, visited the area on Friday.

They decided not to take it away for treatment as it would endanger the bird’s life. So the officers decided to take further action only after consultation with the veterinary experts. Earlier, a pelican bird  died in Ernakulam before it could be taken to a vet for treatment. ACF officers said that interaction with human beings can reduce the survival ability of such birds.


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