Wallago attu- Monster rules the darkness of the river

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Wallago Attu is one of the most predatory monster catfish belongs to the family of Siluridae, native to south and southeast of Asia. 

Fishing for Wallago Attu is famous in Kerala. People use different baits to catch one of them. 

As an angler grew up in Kerala, I always had the dream to catch one of these legendary catfish. I started my research by interacting with experienced fishermen to know more about the diet and habitat of the fish, which will help us to find the right place and spot. From those people, I realised that those fishes mostly found in areas where the river is deep and silent.

They rule the bottom of the river. They hide in the depth and hunt other fishes. My next goal was to find a lure which can travel to the bottom of the river and can create a potentially high vibration. 

“A worse day while fishing is better than a good day at office”

Fishing Freaks
Wallago attu - Fishing Freans Blog (1)
Spoon Lure

How to choose the perfect lure?

There are a lot of hard lures available in the market with a specific sinking dept. As the depth of the river varies, I wanted a lure which we can control the depth it should travel.

The answer was Spoon lure; which is double metal spoon like lure made of two metals (mostly brass and gold). We can travel the lure to our desired depth and while retrieving the lure exactly looks like a small fish.

Wallago attu - Fishing Freans Blog (2)
Wallago attu

How to find a perfect spot?

I found a particular part of the river which is approximately  20 foot deep. I got the very first strike after 15 minutes of casting. The fish faugh really hard. I was the most happiest man on the planet at that time.

To watch the whole video Click here.

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