Wrong catch: Fish nets in city lakes harming birds

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Hyderabad: Just a year after two incidents — a fishing hook piercing the neck of a flamingo and a darter’s beak getting entangled in a cloth at Ameenpur lake — a spoonbill was spotted with a plastic rope from a fishing net tangled around its beak at Osmansagar. teams are currently on the lookout for the bird after a photographer posted the picture of the spoonbill on social media seeking its rescue. Lakes and other water bodies in the city, over the past few years, are becoming increasingly hazardous for birds and other marine lifeforms due to the presence of ghost nets and other fishing gear. This, besides the rampant pollution.

fishing net got entangled to its beak,” said wildlife photographer and conservationist IS Hariharan. “The rope was so badly entangled that the bird was not even able to open its beak to eat. It was as if someone had tied it shut…,” he added. Following this, environmentalists and members of the rescue team who formed a search party to find the bird have warned that such leftover fishing gear could threaten wildlife if not removed or disposed properly. “Our team is trying to track the bird…This is happening despite us cleaning the lake regularly and fishing out huge quantities of ghost nets,” said founder of Animal Warriors India (AWI),Pradeep Nair.

The AWI has reached out to the forest department asking them to intimate the concerned authorities and sensitise the fishing community about the dangers of such unattended fishing gear in water bodies. “We will write to the concerned authority as lakes do not come under our jurisdiction. We will attach photographs of such birds and other animals which are suffering due to these nets and ask them to sanitise such lakes,” said senior forest department official, A Shankaran.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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